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Eco friendly technologies is also used to describe a class of electronic devices that can promote and help to pest control


A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home, often in connection with the sale


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Our trained service specialist know all about structural pest and their harboraging locations, while being able to brief you on why they chose your structure in the first place.

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  •   So helpful. I called them when I found a big at my moms place.  They asked me to send a pic.  They identified it and didn't charge.  The lady who answers the phone ( a manager ) was super nice.

    thumb Emily M.
  •   Channel was great, she was thorough in her explanations of what she was applying, specifically targeting the carpenter ants we began to see with the warming weather. She did a great job of explaining entry points and attractions in the home, and pointed out tips to continue to combat pests.

    On top of that she was super nice. Thanks for great service.

    thumb Thomas M.
  •   Rude service over the phone , not very pleasant to deal with and inquire about prices . Must be an expert in bugs before calling smh don't waste your time with these guys

    thumb Jason B.
  •   thought my son had bed bugs.  Woman on phone had great customer service.  Was supposed to be $150 for an inspection (they thoroughly go through every piece of furniture), which is applied to first treatment.  They didn't find any.  She only charged $100.  Would use them again.

    thumb Ann P.
  •   Channel is amazing!  We moved into a house with carpenter ants, spiders, centipedes, etc. - you name it!  Channel took the time to explain each product she was using and how she had planned to combat the problem.  She came out 3 different times under the initial spray treatment.  We will not use any other company for our home.

    thumb Jessica L.
  •   Somehow, we "contracted" a case of bed bugs In our new home. You can obviously imagine the feelings and fear we had.   Getting bit by a bed bug is no picnic and I reacted to them horribly.  

    After talking with Chenele I hade hope.  She came over four consecutive weeks in the evening and treated our entire house.  She answered every crazy question and didn't blow us off (I'm sure she's seen thousands of panicked homeowners).  She gave us great instructions on what we needed to do.

    After four treatments I can say I believe we are bed bug free. We have been in the clear for the past 6 months. While I would use her again I pray daily I never have to!  10 stars for her.

    thumb Rob D.
  •   I am maintaining the 5 star rating, because of their professionalism.. The person who came over was very nice. Seemed honest and straightforward.

    How ever, I had a serious problem: As with other pest management companies, this company also put in poison baits, in the attic, garage and right outside the garage. They seemed to have sealed up the points of entry.

    How ever, one of more mice died inside the walls. One of our toilet room was absolutely unusable, for about 3 months. I had to tape up under and around the door, with blue tape - to seal out that smell. It was that bad! The a pest 2 go people sent some kind of deodorizers, at no cost but those deodorizers were basically useless. The dead mouse smell was horrible.

    If it had been in a bedroom, it would have been a disaster. Fortunately, we have two powder rooms in the main floor and the room affected was one of these two. Therefore, we simply did not use that room for 3+ months!

    I had been afraid that something like this would occur. I expressed this concern with other pest management companies also and every one suggested the identical plan - to poison the mice. I would never allow this to be done again.. We have to deal with setting glue traps etc to control the mice. I would consider using a pest management company, just so that they can make sure that all the points of entry are sealed up in the house. Other than that, I would not allow them to use poison!

    thumb Krishna A.
  •   I called them out to do a rodent extermination at a property of mine they came out and did a great job but I've been trying my hardest to get them back out to re-evaluate because I still see them. They haven't returned my call and I've been calling them for a week! This is not how a business is ran. I will go with someone else . If you want great service and results call someone else because this is not the place. I would give them -5 if I could!!!

    thumb Ron J.
  •   This company is wonderful. I called with a general pest concern, not wanting to give my own "diagnosis." While she felt that it might be ants, possibly carpenter ants, when she came she quickly ruled out both. She knows her stuff, is efficient, polite, and thorough. I cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you A Pest 2 Go Pest!

    thumb Kay F.
  •   Great service! I called and they took the time to explain to me the process. The staff was vey friendly and knowledgeable. Fair prices!

    thumb starie t.

"The size of the pest doesn’t matter. The tiniest ant will still get our full attention."